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$25.50 (S)  Knight S.   A Time To Act  -604 pgs. {Fiction of Jewish Family at time of Christ}

$17.75 (S) Knight S. A Time To Hear. -562 pgs.(I) {Fiction of Jewish Family at time of Christ}

$17.75 (S) A Time To See. (S.Knight) -568 pgs. {Fiction of Jewish Family at time of Christ}

$22.50 (S) A Time To Speak. (S.Knight) -880 pgs. {Fiction-Jewish Family after resurrection of Christ}

$25.50 (S) Knight S. - A Time To Strive -575 pgs.(V){Fiction of Jewish Family During Life of Paul}

$14.50(S) Parkin A - A-Z of Discipleship-196 pgs {In depth study of the way to the Kingdom}

$7.50 (S) Abi the Ant-(M.J. Abel /J.Snobelen)-28 pgs. (Children-Wonder of God's creation}

$2.00 (S) Abortion - What Guidance, Scriptures? (B.Burt) -21 pgs

$15.50 (S) Abraham & Sarah. (R.Lewis)-246 pgs (In depth study of the couple of Faith}

$9.75 (S) Abraham, Father of The Faithful. (H Whittaker)-114 pgs

$15.00 (S) Martin J  Abraham, Friend of God-180 pgs. {Abraham’s relationship with God.}

$20.00 (H) Acts (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-512 pgs. (Verse by Verse)

$2.50 (S) After Christ's Return, Part 1-(P Ridout)-36 pgs. {From Christ's return to Armageddon}

$2.50 (S) After Christ's Return, Part 2-(P Ridout)-43 pgs. {After Armageddon to God is all in all}

$11.75 (S) Ambassadors For Christ -(D.Elliott)-175 pgs {56 articles written by author over 40+ years)

$23.00 (H) Amos, Then & Now -(C.D.Baird)-296pgs. {Exhortational commentary on the book & author}

$18.00 (H) Anastasis Catechesis & Other Writings-(J.Thomas et. al)-112 pgs- Expositions by pioneer brethren on Resurrection, Judgment and Immortality

$4.50 (S) Angels-(J.Luke)-51 pgs

$9.00 (S) Antichrist, The-(Jason Hensley)-241 pgs. {Scripturally exposes Christianity's deceptive teaching}

$3.50. (S) Apocalypse, Notes On The-(CC Walker)-64 pgs

$8.75 (S) Apocalypse: A Background Study-(J.Banta)-78 pgs

$4.50 (S) Apostles' Doctrine & Fellowship,The-(M.Edwards)-50 pgs.{Basic teachings of Apostles.}

$6.25 (S) Test. Mag Special As You See The Day Approaching (May-June 2019)

$24.00 (H) Atonement-(Roberts/Walker/HPM)-368 pgs-Various writings, including, "Slain Lamb","Roberts/Andrew Debate", "Blood of Christ", etc.

$9.50 (S) Atonement, The -(B. Luke)-68 pgs {“The Divine Balance”}  


$8.00 (S) Back To The Bible-(H.Tennant)-88 pgs - Origin, Author, Purpose of Bible & its message of Salvation through Christ

$4.50 (S) Battle For The Middle East (P.Billington.)-59 pgs.

$10.00 (S) Be Ye Doers of the Word-(CSSS)-320 pgs {Guide for being "In the World but not Of it"}

$14.75 (H) Be Ye Transformed Vol 1-(G.V.Growcott)-406 pgs {36 Exhortational excerpts on heeding God's message }

$14.75 (H) Be Ye Transformed Vol 2-(G.V.Growcott)-406 pgs {36 Exhortational excerpts on heeding God's message }

$14.75 (H) Be Ye Transformed Vol 3-(G.V.Growcott)-395 pgs {32 Exhorts & Expositions}

$17.50 (H) Be Ye Transformed Vol 4-(G.V.Growcott)-403 pgs {40 Exhorts & Expositions}

$14.50 (S) Beauty of Holiness -184 pgs {Study of Leviticus & Priestly functions}

$24.00 (H) Beginning at Jerusalem -(J.Hellawell)-397 pgs {Comprehansive Acts study - growth of the gospel}

$5.00 (S) Hensley Jason  Beginning With The Bible-131-pgs. {Understanding God’s Overall Plan}

$3.50 (S) Behold My Servant -34 pgs {Summary of Isa. 40-66 by J. Luke & Verse by Verse of Isa 53 by J. Martin}

$1.50 (S) Behold The Man-{Test/Mag. Spec. Issue) {Thematic study of Gospel of Luke}

$3.25 (S) Believing The Bible-(A.Norris)-145 pgs

$2.00 (S) Better the Devil You Know -(M.Edwards)-17 pgs {Scriptural investigation of the Devil}

$11.50 (S) Beyond the Tomb -(I.Hyndman)-156 pgs {The affects of the ascension on Christ's followers}

$16.50 (S) Bible Marking Course-(J Luke)-106 pgs

$7.50 (S) Bible Marking Program 1st Principles (West Coast)-(M.Stewart/R.Stone)-{A reproduction of the Original course compiled by the Authors}

$2.50 (S) Bible Prophecy In The Middle East-(P.Billington)-64 pgs

$13.00 (H) Bible Today And You , The-(Hathaway)-197 pgs (Examines archeology, prophecy, modern history, primitive Christians, etc.)

$2.50 (S) Bible, The Lord Jesus & You, The-(J.S. Roberts)-132 pgs {Overall view of Plan & Purpose of Bible & need for personal commitment}

$7.50 (S) Biblical Guidelines for a Happy Marriage-(J.Bilello)-130 pgs. {As per title}

$3.00 (S) Blinded Army, The-(Okanagan Eccl)-11 pgs. {2 Kin. 6:8-23,Illustrated, for children}

$5.00 (S) Blood Of Christ-(R Roberts)-28 pgs (Study of the atonement)

$27.50    (S)  Kapusta P    Blood Guilt-568 pgs.{Response of modern churches to America’s Wars}

$6.75 (S) Book Unsealed, The -(J Thomas)-34pgs. (Examines the prophetic periods of Daniel & John - with charts)

$5.00 (S) Boys & Girls in the Kingdom-(H.Prater)-24 pgs {Coloring & Activities, 3-8 years old}

$13.00 (S) Boys & Girls of the Bible-(G.Nichols)-188 pgs {Boys/girls - Who set good examples} (Back in print)

$10.00 (H) Brethren in Christ-(A.Eyre)-192 pgs {Struggle for the Truth in the Middle Ages }

$2.00 (S) Bring An Offering & Come Into His Courts -(J. Knowles)-19 pgs (Studies, 5 Major Offerings)

$12.00 (S) Building A Library-(T.Morgan)-183 pgs. {Guide for Bible Students wanting to be informed}

$12.75    (S)    Compilation    Built Upon A Rock-190 pgs. {Beliefs & Practices of Christadelphians}


$6.25 (S) Harrison M Cain-105 pgs. {Lessons of the period before the flood.}

$10.75 (S) Captive Conscience, The-(J.Botten)-134 pgs. {History of our stand on the Military}

$12.00 (S) Centuries of Persecution-(Jason.Hensley)-220 pgs. {Persecution of Jews by Catholic Church}

$16.00 (H) Challenge of Corinthians, The - (M.Ashton)-248 pgs {Comprehensive Analysis of I & II Cor.}

$16.00 (H) Cherubim , The-(H.Mansfield, etc.)-127 pgs

$10.00 (S) Christ And Caesar-(Compilation)-78 pgs {The place of the disciple vs. the government}

$5.00 (S) Christ On Earth Again-(R Roberts)-38 pgs {The nature of Kingdom established by Christ}

$5.00 (S) Christ Our Passover-(F.G. Jannaway)-72 pgs. (Compilation of quotes from various brethren on the sacrifice of Christ)

$5.00 (S) Christadelphian Key To The Prophecies-(F.G. Jannaway)-246 pgs (Extracts from writings of J. Thomas that bear on Bible prophecy)

$3.25 (S) Christadelphian Shield

$9.00 (S) Christadelphian Standards-(Various)-164 pgs.{Pioneers comment on living the Truth.} (Back in print)

$5.00 (S) Christadelphian Treasury -(F.G. Jannaway)-311 pgs. (A re-emphasizing of Christadelphian Truths; exerpts from Thomas, Roberts, etc.)

$4.00 (S) Christadelphian Unity In Australia-(Central Committee)-88 pgs (Basis of unity in Australia,1958 - includes J.Carter article on Isa. 53)

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 5-1868 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint -Called "Ambassador "at this time}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 6-1869 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint -Called "Ambassador "at this time}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 7-1870 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 8-1871 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 9-1872 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 10-1873 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 11-1874 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 12-1875 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 13-1876 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 14-1877 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 15-1878 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 16-1879 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 17-1880 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 18-1881 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 19-1882 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 20-1883 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 21-1884 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 23-1886 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$10.00 (H) Christadelphian, The-Vol. 24-1887 (R.Roberts) {Bound Reprint}

$16.00 (H) Christadelphians, What They Believe & Preach -(H. Tennant) 294 pgs. (Hard Cover)

$11.25 (S) Christadelphians, What They Believe & Preach -(H. Tennant) 294 pgs.(Soft Cover)

$12.00 (S) Christendom Astray-(R Roberts)-261 pgs (CMPA Edition)

$18.00 (H) Christendom Astray-(R Roberts)-415 pgs (Logos Hardcover

$5.75 (S) Christendom Astray-(R Roberts)-430 pgs (Dawn Edition) Edition)

$5.00 (S) Christmas Its Strange Origin-(Logos)-16 pgs

$12.75 (S) Chronincles of the Kings-(M.Ashton)-216 pgs (Study of I & II Chronicles.)

$3.75 (S) Chronikon Hebraikon - (J. Thomas)

$12.25 (S) Colossians, Letter To-(T.Barling)-189 pgs

$13.75 (S) Comfort of the Scriptures-(H Tennant)-180 pgs {Exhortations by author}

$3.50 (S) Coming Antichrist-(W & J Farrar)-36 pgs {World will mistake Christ for the Antichrist}

$7.95    (S) Test. Mag Special    Commandments of Christ, The-85 pgs.{Articles examinjing the title}

$21.00 (H) Conscience in Action-(Aust. Brethren)-234 pgs {Record of bre. & sis. of Australia and their stand of C. O.}

$13.00 (H) Contending for the Faith-(J Thomas)-214 pgs (Incl. "Last Days/Judah's Commonwealth", "Time of The End"," Restor. of Israel in Latter Days", etc.

$12.00 (H) Conviction & Conduct-(I Collier)-175 pgs ("Philosophy of Faith" & "Prepare to Meet Thy God O Israel")

$3.25 (S) Coping With Bereavement-(Joan Thomas)-20 pgs

$4.50 (S) Cor.  2nd, Chapters 1-5, 8-9 -(R Abel)-112 pgs

$12.50 (S) Cornelia’s Story-(Eyre/Gordon)-216 pgs. {Life in the first century A.D.} (Reprinted)

$23.00    (S)   Edwards B    - Course of Time, The-384 pgs. {Biblical perspective of history}

$5.00 (S) Creation or Evolution-(J.Hellawell)-24 pgs. {Arguments for God being the Creator}

$13.50 (S) Creation Text-(D.Levin)-351 pgs. {Gen 1-5 = introduction to Bible fundamentals}

$10.25 (S) Creation, Evolution & Science-(J.Collyer)-138pgs

$3.75 (S) Cry of the Prophets-(P.Billington)-112 pgs. (Mission and Destiny of the English Speaking People)


$20.00 (H) Daniel (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-368 pgs

$12.00 (S) Daniel Study Guide-(M. Lewis)-70 pgs {Overview of Daniel}

$7.75 (S) Daniel, A Brief Illustrated Exposition-(HC. Gates)-16 pgs {Brief overview with colored illustrations.}

$13.75 (H) Daniel, Exposition of -(J.Thomas)-122 pgs

$4.75 (S) Daniel, Study Notes On-(M.Stewart)-150 pgs

$13.00 (S) Daniel, The Prophecy of -(E.Green)-166 pgs

$14.00    (S)     Benson T    Daniel’s Last Prophecy-141 pgs {Daniel Ch. 10-12}

$3.50 (S) Dead Sea Scrolls, & Christian Origins-(M.Edwards)-14 pgs

$2.00 (S) Declaration -(Dawn)-32 pgs (Listing of the true doctrines of the Scripture and their Biblical proofs)

$5.00 (S) Declaration -(Logos)-56 pgs (Listing of the true doctrines of the Scripture and their Biblical proofs)

$17.75 (H) Delight in God's Law-(J.Carter)-295 pgs {Collection of Writings of the Author}

$13.00 (H) Democracy, In The World & In The Ecclesia-(W. McAllister)-96 pgs (Development of Democracy & its negative influence on the ecclesia)

$13.00 (S) Deuteronomy for Disciples -(A.Nichols)-214 pgs {Message of Deut. for today}

$9.75 (S) Devil The Great Deceiver, The -(P.Watkins)-128 pgs

$14.75 (H) Diary Of A Voyage To Australia -(R Roberts)-202 pgs (Bro. Roberts' 12 mo. trip to Australia & N.Z. 1895 to 1896)

$1.00 (S) Dictionary of Biblical Words and their Representative Meanings-(G.Maier)-33 pgs

$4.75 (S) "Difficullt Pasasges", A Look at those (H.Whittaker)-87 pgs. {Solutions to 60+ dif. passages}

$6.75 (S) Test. Mag Special - Difficult Conversations (2018) Biblical conversations/vital to discipleschip

$9.75 (S) Aust Youth Conf Discourse on the Mount-121 pgs {In depth study of Sermon/Mount}

$7.25 (S) Divided Kingdom, The -(P.Hinde)-123 pgs (Decline & fall of ancient Israel & the rise of the prophets)

$6.00  (S) Divine Worship In The Age To Come- (Thomas, Sulley, etc.) - 109 pgs.

$3.50 (S) Do All To The Glory of God -(Compillation)- 20 pgs (Treatise on Christadelphian standards)

$17.75 (H) Dr. Thomas His LIfe & Work -(R.Roberts)- 256 pgs

$4.50 (S) Dragon and the Lamb -(W.Holton/G.Pearce)- 74 pgs {A treatise on the Apocalypse}


$2.50 (S) Earnestly Contend For Faith (Test/Mag. Spec. Issue)

$11.00 (S) Ecclesia at Ephesus (R.Mutter)-758 pgs. {In depth consideration of Ephesus ecclesia}

$1.50 (S) Ecclesia The House Of God, The (Test/Mag. Spec. Issue)

$4.00 (S) Ecclesial Guide -(R.Roberts)- 51 pgs (Guide to the formation & conduct of the Ecclesia)

$10.00 (S) Ecclesiastes & Other Studies (LG.Sargent)-134 pgs. {Study of Ecclesiastes + Notes on Job & the 2 Women of Prov 1-9}

$5.75 (S) Ecclesiastes (I.Collyer)-115 pgs. {Thematic study of the book}

$8.50 (S) O’Grady B - Ecclesiastes-68 pgs. {Verse by verse study}

$5.50 (S) Edom in Bible Propecy-(J.Allfree)-93 pgs. {Answers question "Who is the Edom of the Last Days?"}

$13.00 (H) Eight Signs of John -(J.Ullman)- 136 pgs. (Exposition of the 8 miracle signs of Christ. Reprint of 1981 edition)

$15.50 (S) Eleven Weeks - (A.Tikvah)- 360 pgs. {A novel about the last days}

$8.00 (S) Elijah -(J Martin)- 101 pgs.

$17.50 (S) Whitehouse S Elijah Prophet of the Living God-280 pgs. {In depth study}

$19.25 (H) Elpis Israel (CMPA Edition) -(J.Thomas)- 475 pgs. (Original teachings of the fundamentals of the Truth. New 15th edition).

$25.50 (H) Elpis Israel (Logos Edition) - (J.Thomas)- 526 pgs. (Original teachings of the fundamentals of the Truth. Reprint of the 4th Edition).

$6.75 (S) Emma The Earthworm-(Abel & Snobelen)-32 pgs. (Children-Wonder of God's creation}

$7.50    (S)     Trowell M    Empty Tomb, The-198 pgs. (40 days that changed the world}

$11.25 (S) Ephesians, Letter To -(J.Carter)- 158 pgs.

$9.50 (S) Essays To Believers-(D.Styles)-208 pgs. {Collection of editorials by author from Tidings Mag.}


$63.00 (H) Eureka 5 Vol set 1,2a,2b,3a,3b (J Thomas) English CMPA Red Series.

$13.75 (H) Eureka Vol I-(J Thomas)- 390 pages. English CMPA Red Series.

$13.75 (H) Eureka Vol IIa-(J Thomas)- 289 pages. English CMPA Red Series.

$13.75 (H) Eureka Vol IIb-(J Thomas)- 332 pages. English CMPA Red Series.

$13.75 (H) Eureka Vol IIIa-(J Thomas)- 299 pages. English CMPA Red Series.

$13.75 (H) Eureka Vol IIIb-(J Thomas)- 330 pages. English CMPA Red Series.

                        (SOME ARE STILL HARD BACK).

$72.00 (S) Eureka 5 Vol Set -(J Thomas) . Logos Edition

$16.00 (S) Eureka Vol 1 - J Thomas) 465 pgs. Logos Edition

$16.00 (S) Eureka Vol 2 - J Thomas) 415 pgs. Logos Edition

$16.00 (S) Eureka Vol 3 - J Thomas) 384 pgs. Logos Edition

$16.00 (S) Eureka Vol 4- J Thomas) 426 pgs. Logos Edition

$16.00 (S) Eureka Vol 5- J Thomas) 410 pgs. Logos Edition

$9.75 (S) Evangelical Revival, The -(A.Nichols)- 111 pgs. (Modern Challenge To Truth )

$7.75 (S) Events Subsequent To Return Of Christ -(J Cowie)-111 pgs.

$5.00 (S) Evidence For Design-(D.Pearce)-31 pgs. {Evidence for Creation}

$3.50 (S) Evolution, "Science, Falsely So Called"-(Intl. Christian Crus.)-96 pgs. (N)

$5.00    (S)    Compilation    Exhortations-255 pgs. (By bre, Roberts, Walker, Jannaway, Boulton, etc)

$12.00 (S) Exiles Return, The-(M Ashton)-228 pgs. (Life & times of Zerubbabel, Joshua, Ezra, Nehemiah)

$18.00 (H) Exodus (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-495 pgs. {In depth verse by verse study}

$2.00 (S) Exodus Ch 1-6-(D.Hurn)-16pgs. {Verse by verse study}

$11.75 (H) Exodus -(M.Vincent)-237 pgs. {Commentary on Exo. ch 1-15}

$8.00 (S) Exploring the Bible-(2011 edition)-(D.Evans)-274 pgs. {1st Principles study course}

$12.75 (S) Exploring the Psalms-(M.Vincent)-432 pgs. {Overall Study of the Psalms.}

$16.00 (H) Exploring the Psalms-(M.Vincent)-432 pgs. {Overall Study of the Psalms.}

$24.00 (H) Ezekiel-(J Allfree)-472 pgs. {Ver. by ver. exposition of Chs 1-39}

$13.75 (H) Ezekiel, The Book of the Prophet - (WH Boulton)-200 pgs.


$16.00 (H) Faith In The Last Days - (J. Thomas)-288 pgs. (Collection of writings by the author)

$5.25 (S) Faith Without Works Is Dead (Testimony Mag. Spec. Issue)

$6.00 (S) Family Bible Reading- (S.Jefferies)-38 pgs. {Ideas on how to get the most out of Bible Readings}

$13.50 (H) Family Life In The Lord - (D Styles)-272 pgs.

$11.50 (S) Family Trees of the Tribes of Israel-(T.Benson)-117 pgs. {What these genealogies reveal}

$14.00 (S) Fascination of Esther-{R.Standeven}-249 pgs. {Comprehensive study of the book}

$5.75 (S) Test. Mag Special Feed My Sheep - Spec. Issue 2017-72 pgs. {Study -1 & 2 Peter}

$11.75    (S)  Sparacino E    Fifty-Two Weeks to Grow - Coloring Book -52 pgs {Weekly verse & picture}

$3.00 (S) Final Consolation, The (R.Roberts)-17 pgs. {Bro Roberts’ vision of the Kingdom} (Reprinted)

$6.75 (S) First Epistle of John, The (M.Purkis)-159 pgs. {A verse by verse look at the book}

$15.00 (S) Ullman J   First Principles of the One True Faith-98 pgs.

$16.50 (S) For Better, For Worse-(M.Vincent)-394 pgs. {Biblical Marriage Relationships)   

$8.25    (S)     Vincent M    For Better, For Worse Workbook-142 pgs. {Good for marriage preparation)

$10.75 (S) For The Study & Defence Of The Scriptures - Vol 1 (E.Whittaker)-236 pgs. (Various articles on theological issues confronting the Truth)

$15.50 (S) For The Study & Defence Of The Scriptures, Vol 2- (E.Whittaker)- 206 pgs. {Articles defending the truth}

$5.50 (S) Four Hundred Years - King James Bible (Testimony Magazine Special - 2011)

$3.50 (S) Framed by the Word of God (Testimony Magazine Special - Science & The Bible)-95 pgs.

$6.25 (S) Test. Mag Special From Jerusalem to Rome (Acts of the Apostles- Spec. Issue)

$19.75 (S) Beale M From Joshua to Samuel-536 pgs. {In depth study of the Judges}

$21.00 (S) From Sinai to Jerusalem (L & K Ritmeyer)-72 pgs. (Illustrated account of the Route of the Ark)

$15.75 (S) Fruit of the Spirit-{C.Attridge}-265pgs. {In depth look at the "fruit" of Gal. 5:22-23}


$14.75 (H) Galatians, Letter To-(J.Carter)-133 pgs {Chapter by chapter study of epistle}

$6.00 (S) Genesis, Testimony Mag Special,-87 pgs. {Articles on Gen.

$20.00 (H) Genesis (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-543 pgs. (In depth verse by verse study)

$13.25 (S) Heavyside P Genesis 1-2.-170 pgs. {Creation vs evolution - disputes Theistic evoluition}

$16.75 (S) Genesis Blessings-(A.Walker)-420 pgs. {Structure & Key themes surrounding the promises}

$10.75 (S) Genesis Creation, The -(B Hurn)-150 pgs. (Ver. by ver. of Gen 1 & 2. Studies on critics of the creation account. Gap theory, young earth, etc.)

$4.50 (S) Genesis For Toddlers,-24 pgs.(H.Prater)  {For ages 1-3 - Illustrated Genesis stories}

$13.50    (S) P.Cresswell    Genius Of Creation-226 pgs. {Study of the genius of Gen. 1-6}

$15.50 (S) Genius Of Discipleship-(D.Gillett)-134 pgs. {"True discipleship = 100% of daily living"}

$10.00 (S) Gibbon For Christadelphians-(G.Henstock)-123 pgs. {Relevance of “Decline and Fall of Roman Empire” for brethren}

$8.50 (S) Hensley, Jason  Giving Grace-150 pgs. {Removing Our Judgmental Attitudes}

$18.75    (S)    Kapusta P    Giving Thanks-208 pgs.{More than 500 mealtime prayers}

$13.75(S) Glimpses of Glory-(D.Fifield)-229 pgs. {23 articles by the author-various subjects}

$12.00 (S) Glimpses of the Master-(Jason Hensley)-279 pgs. {Study in the Parables & Signs of John}

$23.00 (H) God Christ Man Woman -(C.Byrnes)-356pgs. {Role of Men and Women in the Family of God}

$12.50 (S) God Governed Life in the Psalms -(D.Gillett)-71 pgs. (Exhortations per Psa. 25, 32, 46, 77,140,16)

$15.75    (S)    Storey M    God We Worship, The-158 pgs. {Devotional study of the Creator}               

$35.00 (H) God's 7000 Year Plan - (Old Paths)-92 pgs. (Color illustrated, oversized timeline & narrative of God's plan with the earth)

$20.00 (H) God's Living Word - (D.Banyard)-214 pgs. (How the Bible Came to us, many colored illustrations)

$8.00 (S) God's Purpose With Israel-(S.Green)-109 pgs. {Shows that God's plan is built around the nation of Israel.}

$14.75 (S) God's Spirit In Work & Word-(F.Pearce)-125 pgs. {Scriptural teaching - Spirit of God}

$1.50  (S) Godly Living in an ungodly world-(Testimony Mag )-88 pgs. {Special Issue}

$2.50 (S) Going Into Isolation-(E.Taunton)-32 pgs. {Cautions and advice}

$4.00 (S) Gospel In Song - (Logos )-20 pgs. (Handel's "Messiah" analyzed)

$18.75 (S) Gospel In the Book of Judges-(I Giles)-146 pgs. {Types/shadows of Chirst in Judges}

$3.50 (S) Grand Structure of the Apocalypse - (HD Bartholomew)-60 pgs. (Overview & Charts)

$3.75 (S) Great Delusion-(J & K Styles)-31 pgs. {Study of the antichrist)

$7.50 (S) Great GT Chalenge, The-(M.Sales)-24 pgs. {Children's story - lessons for living the Truth)

$13.50 (S) Shaw & Palmer - Growing up into Christ 192 pgs.. {Guide for Newly Baptized)

$2.50 (S) Guardians Of Israel & Arabia/Prelude to Armageddon? -(P.Billington)-32 pgs. (Close look at many of the "last days" prophecies)

6.50 (H) Guide To The Apocalypse-(John Hensley)-108 pgs.{Verse by Verse Reference to Rev.)

$16.00 (H) Guidebook To The New Testament - (HP Mansfield)-237 pgs. (Outline, comparitive timelines of N.T. books & characters)


$13.00 (H) Habakkuk (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-64 pgs. (In depth verse by verse study)

$6.00 (S) Habakkuk - (J.Luke & A.Johns)-72pgs. (Verse by verse analysis)

$18.00 (H) Haggai/Zechariah/Malachi- (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-240 pgs. (In depth verse by verse study)

$3.50 (S) Hairlength of Brethren - (R Abel)-12 pgs.

$18.00    (S)   Collyer I - Hand of the Lord, The-216 pgs. {God at work from Abraham to Saul}

$15.00    (S)  Lewis R    Hannah Handmaid of Highest 242-pgs.{ Remarkable Bible character!}

$6.75 (S) Hannah The Honeybee-(Abel/Snobelen)-20pgs. {Children-Wonder of God's creation}

$13.75 (S) He Healeth All Thy Diseases - (D.Gillett)-105 pgs. (Conditions of the body and their counterpart to the spiritual life of the believer)

$5.00 (S) Hear What The Spirit Saith To The Ecclesias-(J.Knowles)-54 pgs. (Study of Revel.)

$4.50 (S) Heb. 11- Honor Roll Of The Faithful-(Compilation)-54 pgs. (Verse by verse study by various authors.)

$15.75 (S) Hebrews -(J Martin)-254 pgs. {Verse by verse study}

$20.00 (H) Hebrews (Expositor Series)-(G Mansfield)-344 pgs. {In depth ver. by ver. study}

$13.75 (S) Hebrews, Letter to the -(J Carter)-190 pgs.

$13.75 (S) Hebrews, A Thematic Study- (W.F.Barling)-158 pgs.

$8.50 (H) Hebrews, The Epistle To- (W.H. Boulton)-220 pgs

$13.00    (S)    Morris J    Hebrews Study Guide-106 pgs. {Overview of Revelation.}

$7.75 (S) Logos Publications   Heroes of Faith-70 pgs. {Encouraging meditations on the Heb.11 faithful.

$13.75    (S) Cope J   Hez - 294 pgs. {Hezrai - of David’s mighty men. Fiction of his life.

$6.50    (S)     Whittaker/Booker     Hezekiah The Great/Songs Of Degrees -214 pgs. {Hez. & Psalms 120-134}

$10.75 (S) His Twelve Disciples-(M.Southgate)90 pgs. {Lives and chareacter of the 12 Disciples}

$11.25 (S) Holding The Head (M.Ashton)-104 pgs. {Relationship of the "Head" to his disciples}

$13.00 (H) Holy Spirit & H.S. Gifts-(G Pearce)-96 pgs. {In depth discussion of the topic}

$3.50 (S) Holy Spirit, Bible Teaching About - (J.Allfree/G. & R.Walker)-29 pgs.

$3.50 (S) Holy War In The Balkans - (P.Billington) 47 pgs (Place of current Balkan War in Prophecy)

$6.75 (S) Hope of Israel or "no hope"-(A.Craword)-44 pgs. {Critique of Hopkins' book 'Unmasking Christadelphianism'}

$12.00 (S) Lawson R Hope of Israel-268 pgs. {As defined by pioneer brethren and world leaders}

$2.00 (S) Hopeless Humanism-(M.Edwards)-13 pgs. {Discussion of Humanism vs the Bible}

$13.50 (S) Hosea To Zephaniah - (F.Pearce)-200 pgs. (In depth study of 9 minor prophets as per title)

$11.25 (S) Hosea, The Prophecy of - (C Tennant)-103 pgs.

$5.50 (S) Hosea, The Prophecy Through - (M, Stewart)-56 pgs.(Verse by verse study)

$4.50 (S) How Shall They Preach? (Test/Mag. Spec. Issue)

$8.00 (S) How Sure Are The Foundations? - (C.Badger)-163 pgs. (Analysis of the Catholic Church's doctrine's & practices vs Scripture)

$8.00 (S) Humanism - (T.Benson, et. al)-114pgs ("The Subtle Delusion" Collection of essays on subject by various authors.)


$6.75 (S) Immortality of the Soul Refuted -(PE White)-116 pgs.

$7.75 (H) In Defence Of Our Conscience-(Comp.)-311 pgs {History of C.O. in New Zealand}

$12.00 (S) In Defence Of The Faith-(H.P.Mansfield)-147 pgs {Selected articles of advice from H.P.} (Back In Print)

$3.25 (S) In Defence Of Year For A Day Interpretation-(E.Farrar)-46 pgs (Using title to determine the prophetic time periods)

$5.00 (H) In Good Company -107 pgs. (Bible stories simplified for children)

$14.50 (S) In Search of Life - (A Tikvah)-248 pgs- {Fiction. Death of girl's father leads her to search for the truth about what happens at death. Teaches the Truth in story form}

$6.50 (S) In The Beginning -(J.Brewis)- 34 pgs. (A Scriptural study of the Principles governing Divorce and Re-marriage in the Brotherhood)

$13.00 (S) In The Company of Paul-(M.Owen)-112 pgs. {Paul's friends & companions}

$3.50 (S) In The Fullness Of TIme -(J.Martin)-52 pgs. (Verse by verse study of Luke ch. 1 &2)

$13.00 (S) In The Image Of God-(M.Edgecomb)-147 pgs. (Bible teaching on man & woman in God's plan)

$15.50 (S) Compilation In The Nurture and Admonition of the Lord-196 pgs.

$22.00 (S) Index by sub. & verse on disk. (2006 Version} For Logos/Christadel/Bible Stud./Test. Magazines all Chdn. Books & Pamph.-A Crawford)

$3.75 (S) Index Rerum - (R.Bingley)-65 pgs- {Ready reference for First Principles subjects}

$5.00 (S) Index to Eureka -76 pgs. (O.K. for orig. 3 vol. ed. & black 5 vol. ed. Most other editions require interpolation of page numbers).

$4.00 (S) Index to Logos Magazine, Volumes 10 thru 57 -78 pgs

$3.25 (S) Instructor-(CMPA)-44 pgs (Questions & answers instruction in first principles.)

$4.50 (S) Instructor-(Logos)-48 pgs (Questions & answers instruction in first principles. Section for young students under 8)

$13.00 (S) Into All The World -(S.Owen)- 420 pgs. (A detailed history of the preaching efforts of the Christadelphians from 1800's to today)

$14.50 (S) Invitation to Forever, An -(A.Tikvah)- 331 pgs. {Fictional story that teaches the Gospel}

$12.00 (H) Is The Bible True? -(R Roberts)-195 pgs. (Simple, straight forward look at several Bible incidents)

$12.00 (H) Is There A God? -(R Roberts)-195 pgs. (A look at logic and fact to determine the title)

$16.00 (S) Isaac - Son Of Promise -(I.Hyndman)-60 pgs. (Character study - Emphasizing similarities to Christ)

$3.95 (S)  Hensley Jason    It Is Written - 98 pgs. {42 Biblical topics and their Biblical references}


$13.00(S) James Study Guide (M.Lewis)--56 pgs. {Overview of the book with outline}

$20.00 (H) James To Jude (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-345 pgs. (In depth verse by verse study of inclusive books as per title)

$6.75 (S) Jamie the Thundercloud -(Abel/Snobleln)-33 pgs. (Illustrated for children, teaching that God is in control of everything.

$27.50 (S) Jean Galbraith-(Fletcher)-292 pgs. (Life of sis Jean through the eyes of an outsider}   

$7.75 (S) Jehovah's Witnesses -(R.Cowie)-120 pgs. (A Scriptural and Historical analysis)

$8.00 (S) Jeremiah, Life of -(E.Ormiston)-95 pgs. (His life story simply told - designed for teens)

$8.00 (S)  Southgate P    Jeremiah, The man and his mission - 72 pgs.

$14.00 (S) Jeremiah, The Ministry of -(CC Walker)-330 pgs. (Chapter by chapter analysis)

$14.00 (S) Jerusalem In Time of Jesus (L.Ritmeyer)-72 pgs.{Archeol. pictures and narrative}

$18.50 (S) Jerusalem In 30 A.D. (L.Ritmeyer)-72 pgs.{Archeol. pictures and narrative}

$17.50 (S) Jerusalem In The Time of Nehemiah (L.Ritmeyer)-72 pgs.{Archeol. pictures and narrative}

$8.00 (S) Jesus Christ From Armageddon to the Kingdom of God (C.Yutzy)-165 pgs. (Sequence of events)

$18.50 (S) Jesus Healer & Teacher-((WF Barling) -290 pgs. (Ministry of Jesus Christ, Son of God)

$10.50 (S) Job - (C Tennant)-109 pgs.

$3.50 (S) Job - (CC Walker)-23 pgs. (Overview)

$13.00 (S) Job, Study Guide-(John Roberts)-118 pgs. {Overview}

$5.75 (S) Job, The Book of (T.Spongberg)-159 pgs. {A detailed look at the book}

$9.00 (S) Job, The Endurancance Of-(S.Irving)-77 pgs. {Overview}

$17.75 (H) Job, Education of-(D. Baird)-312 pgs. {Complete treatise - deals with every verse}

$8.50 (S) Joel, Teeth In The Wind - (P. Robinson)-24 pgs. (Verse by Verse)

$5.50 (S) Joel - (C Parry)-87 pgs. (Verse by verse)

$2.25 (S) Joel, The Prophecy Of - (P. Islip)-24 pgs. (Verse by Verse)

$5.50 (S) John, The Gospel of - (J.Knowles)-56 pgs. (Notes on ch 1-7:28, 9-10:18)

$11.25 (S) John The The Baptist - Forerunner-(M.Allfree)-118 pgs. {Life of}

$15.25 (S) Hemingray P John Thomas & His Friends- 353 pgs. {Finding the Truth}

$17.75 (H) John, The Gospel of-(J.Carter)-252 pgs {Study of John in Chapter order}

$17.00 (S) John's Creation-(J.Pople)-296 pgs {Exposition of John- in terms of the days of creation.}

$13.75 (S) Cope J Jonathan - Greatest King Israel Never Had-170 pgs. {Life of Jonathan)

$11.50 (H) Joseph The Saviour - (H.Whittaker)-101 pgs.. {Study of the life of Joseph}

$11.50 (S) Bentwich Josephus the Man 133 pgs. {Josephus from the Jewish point of view}

$16.50 (H) Josephus, Works Of (F.Josephus)-936 pgs.. {First century Jewish History}

$.6.75 (S) Josh & Jenny go to a Baptism (Book for children)-(J.Ribaudo)-12 pgs.

$6.75 (S) Josh & Jenny go to Meeting (Book for children)-(J.Ribaudo)-12 pgs.

$15.00  (S) Mansfield HP   Joshua (Expositor Series)-236 pgs. {In depth ver. by ver. study.}

$15.50 (H) Joshua, His Life And Times-(J.Ullman)-272 pgs.

$13.00 (S) Joshua, His Life And Work - (M.Beale)-214 pgs.

$14.50 (S) Josiah & His Children (S.Palmer)-179 pgs. {Close look at Josiah's life and influence}

$5.00 (S) Jude -(J Ullman)-59 pgs. (In depth verse by verse study)

$16.00  (S) Mansfield G   Judges (Expositor Series)-318 pgs. {In depth ver. by ver. study.}

$12.00     (S) Pearce D    Judges Discussion Notes-82 pgs. {Designed to help understanding.}

$1.50  (S) Judges of Israel -(Testimony Mag. Special)-88 pgs. (Close look at period of the Judges )

$8.00 (S) Judges-(J.Martin)-92 pgs. {Study notes on Ch 1-8 with overview of the book.}


$10.00 (S) Key To Understanding The Scriptures-2004 edition-(HP Mansfield)-160 pgs. {Teaches all first principles with questions for study at the end of each chapter.)

$5.00 (S) Kingdoms of Judah & Israel , Chronolog, Charts -(P.Livingstone)-24 pgs.(

$20.00 (S) Kings of Israel & Judah-(J.Cowie)-260 pgs.( Study of 39 kings of Judah & Israel)

$16.50 (S) Compilation Know Questions Bible Crosswords Jan-Dec-380 pgs

$16.50 (S) Know Questions-(Comp.)-575 pgs.(Questions/Answers on every chapt. of Bible.)


$10.00 (H) Lamentation -(Booker/Haltom)-133 pgs. (In depth verse by verse study)

$14.50 (H) Law & Grace - (W.Barling)-208 pgs. (Thematic study of the law of Moses)

$16.75 (H) Law Of Moses - (R.Roberts-329 pgs. (In depth study)

$1.75 (S) Laws of Uncleanness -(J. Martin)- 20 pgs (Notes on Lev. ch 11)

$18.00 (H) Lessons From Nature -(A. Hopkins)-432 pgs. (Examples of how nature exhorts to the believer the wisdom of the Almighty)

  $3.50 (S) A Letter To My Sons-(D.Styles)-40 pgs.{A father’s instructions on courtship }

$7.75 (S) Letters To The 7 Ecclesias-(B Luke)-86 pgs. {Study Notes On

$8.00 (S) Letters To The Elect-(R.Roberts)-138 pgs.{Scriptural words of comfort & encouragment}

$4.50 (S) Letters To Young Christadelphians - (I.Collyer)-52 pgs. (3 letters addressed to those of title, to guide and help with problems of thier age)

$20.00 (H) Leviticus (Expositor Series)-(HP Mansfield)-383 pgs. {In depth ver. by ver. study}

$16.50 (H) Leviticus (The Schoolmaster)-(J.Martin)-392 pgs. {Verse by verse-Law of Moses}

$18.50 (H) Life of Jesus-(M.Purkis)-356 pgs.

$8.00 (S) Life of John Thomas - (CSSS)-71 pgs. (Illustrated.)

$3.00    (S)    Vincent M    Life’s Biggest Questions-137 pgs. {Purpose of life }

$14.50 (S) Light To The Gentiles, A (J.Cope) -312 pgs. {The God of Israel is also the God to Gentiles}

$3.75 (S) Little Ecclesia In Poland -(A.Eyre)-53 pgs. (A play based on the "protestors")

$4.50 (S) Little Joe Goes to Market (J.Green)-24 pgs. (Illus. for children, based on Joseph)

$9.50 (S) Billello J   Little Words-273 pgs. {A look at Key Bible words & their subtleties}

$3.50 (S) Lord's Mt. Olivet Prophecy, The -(J.Allfree)-141 pgs. {Seeks to sort out applications of this prophecy}

$9.00 (S) Lepherd L   Losing The Way -124 pgs. {Erosion of the Truth after Christ’s death.}

$13.00 (S) Bernard N   Luke Verse by Verse-291 pgs. {Verse by Verse of the Gospel of Luke.}


$12.00 (S) Mansfield HP Making Prayer Powerful-125 pgs. {Principles and privileges of Prayer}

$7.75 (S) Malachi, Who May Abide The Day Of his Coming? -(J.Ullman)-128 pgs. (Verse by verse notes)

$3.50 (S) Man & Woman -(M.Lewis)-122 pgs. (Thorough study of scriptural roles of each)

$12.00 (H) Man David-(H.Tennant)-180 pgs. {Life of David}

$3.00 (S) Man Mortal -(R.Roberts)- 112 pgs. (Deals with mortality of man)

$4.50 (S) Man Of Sin -(R Abel)-101 pgs. (Complete study of the Antichrist & 2 Thess 2)

$12.50 (S) Manners & Customs of Bible--256 pgs. {Illustrated guide to Daily Life in O.T.}(N)

$13.75 (S) Mark -(A.D. Norris)-186 pgs.

$13.75 (H) Mark The Gospel Of The Son Of God -(L.G.Sargent)-219 pgs.

$12.00 (S) Mary Handmaid of the Lord-(G.Henstock)-125 pgs. {Character Study}

$6.50 (S) Benson J Matthew’s Gospel, Studies In-186 pgs. {Portrayal of Christ the King, Messiah & Son of David}

$13.75 (S) May You Know It To Be True-(D.Gillett)-134 pgs. (Exhortations by Author)$13.00 (S) May You Know It To Be True-(D.Gillett)-134 pgs. (Exhortations by Author)

$3.75 (S) CSSS Meeting Notes Journal -76 pgs. {Record title/verses/notes/etc. of talks}

$12.00 (S) Men of God-Elijah & Elisha-(S.Irving)-218pgs. {Ministrys of each examined closely)

$9.00 (S) Mercy & Judgement/Jonah & Nahum-(G.Henstock)-105 pgs. {Commentary on}

$17.50 (S) Walker A  Messiah and his Ministry - 414 pgs. (First two years of Christ’s ministry)

$13.00 (S) Micah Study Guide-(R.Carr)-72 pgs-{Comprehensive study of the book}

$10.25 (S) Mighty To Save (Isaiah) -(R.Willetts)-134 pgs (Overview of the major issues and pertinent lessons of Isaiah)

$6.75) Pearce D - Milestones 2020-{Current events fulfilling prophecy in 2020}

$1.50  (S) Millennium, The (Test/Mag. Spec. Issue - May 1999)

$16.00 (H) Ministry of the Prophets - (Roberts/Walker)-780 pgs {Exposistion of Isaiah}

$13.00 (S) Minor Prophets Study Guide - (Compilation)-118 pgs {Hosea to Malachi}

$16.25 (S) Lloyd R Minute Meditations 11th ed.-551 pgs {All of bro Lloyd’s Min. Med. }

$4.75 (E) Bilello J Miracles - 143 pgs. {Christ’s Miracles explained} - On a Thumb Drive

$9.00 (S) Miracles, Wonders & Signs -(M. Ashton)-279 pgs. (Study of miracles & such, especially those of Christ)

$7.50 (S) Modern Medicine & The Bible-(A.Fowler)-240 pgs. {How we are optimally designed)

$5.50 (S) More Sure Word of Prophecy, A-(J.Burke)-84 pgs. {Proving the historic view of prophecy}

$5.50 (S) Mormonism -(F.Brinkerhoff)-124 pgs. (Study of history and teachings)

$13.75 (S) Moses My Servant -(H Tennant)-205 pgs.

$11.00 (S) Moses Earth's Meekest Man -(J.Mitchell)-172 pgs.{study of Moses' Life}

$7.50 (S) Music Of Life -16 pgs. (Selection of Exhortational Poems)

$11.25 (H) My Days And My Ways-(R.Roberts)-279pgs. {Autobiography}

$3.00 (S) My Journey In Faith-(R.Hicks)-361 pgs. {Autobiography}


$4.50 (S) Nahum The Comforter -(D Baird)-90 pgs. (In depth verse by verse study)

$3.50 (S) Name of Jeus Christ, The (Testimony Magazine Special Issue)-85 pgs.

$3.50 (S) Name That Is Above Every Name, The -(A.Nichols)-85 pgs. (Expounds upon the majestic names of God)

$4.00 (H) Name That Is Above Every Name, The -(A.Nichols)-85 pgs. (Expounds upon the majestic names of God)

$8.00 (S) Names & Titles of the Deity -(W.Boulton)-196pgs. (In depth study of)

$7.50 (S) Nation in Ruins- (Jason Hensley)-144 pgs. {Story of Jeroboam who made Israel to sin}

$25.00 (H) Nazareth Revisited (R.Roberts)-568 pgs. (Study of the life & teachings of Christ)

$8.25 (S) Nehemiah- (R.Abel)-86 pgs. {Verse by verse study}

$6.75 (S) Noah, Preacher of Rightteousness - (J.Martin) 49 pgs. {Study Notes}

$12.50 (S) Numbers (Expositor Series) -(HP Mansfield)-374 pgs. (Detailed verse by verse)

$5.00 (S) Numbers and Colors In The Scriptures -(MD Stewart)-38 pgs

$15.50 (S) Nurture and Admonition of the Lord, In The -196 pgs. (Articles on subject by various bre.)


$5.00    (S) Mansfield HP - Obadiah, The Prophecy Of-48 pgs. (In depth look at “Edom”)

$12.00 (S) Obeying God rather than Man -(G.Henstock)-118pgs. {Biblical Examples}

$11.00 (S) Booker G Observations Along the Way/Biblical Journal -305 pgs (Food for brethren)

$2.75 (S) Obsevations on the Conversion & Apostleship of Paul -(L.Lyttelton)-43pgs. (Authenticity of the Scriptures defended.) (N)

$16.00    (H) Gillett D. - Of Hearts & Minds -182 pgs (A look at 15 Bible Persons’ character)

$10.50 (S) Offerings Feast & Sanctuary -(FE Mitchell)-148 pgs.

$3.75 (S) Olivet Prophecy -(J Knowles)-46 pgs. (Study of Mat 24 & 25)

10.75 (S) On The Way.-(G Booker)-309 pgs. {Studies, Exhortations and Meditations by author}

$9.00 (S) One Man's Pilgrimage.-(J Mitchell)-87 pgs. {Autobiography. "Under God's Good Hand"}

$9.00 (S) Oracles Of God -(J.Carter)-119 pgs. (Study of the Bible's witness to itself)

$4.00 (S) Our Return Journey -(Sis Jane Roberts)-30 pgs. (Diary of voyage of R.Roberts & family from Australia to Britain, 1899)

$12.00 (S) Our Sure Foundations-(CMPA)-240 pgs.{Articles on Inspiration by Thomas, Roberts, Etc}


$5.50 (S) Parable Of The Priesthood - (P.Cresswell)-34 pgs. (Examination of the Levitical priesthood)

$13.00 (H) Parables Of The Messiah - (J.Carter)-268 pgs.

$4.75 (E) Bilello J   Parables - 173 pgs. {The Parables explained} - On a Thumb Drive

$15.99 (S) Part of the Family (1)-{Jason Hensley}-401pgs. {Christadelphians & Kindertransport during Holocaust}

$15.99 (S) Part of the Family(2) -{Jason Hensley}-465pgs. {Christadelphians & Kindertransport during Holocaust}

$12.00 (S) Path of Prayer (J. Morris)-152 pgs {Prayer as an integral part of the believer's life}

$5.00 (S) Patriarchal Family, The - (J.Mitchell)-106 pgs. (Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, their lives and promised seed Jesus Christ)

$11.25 (H) Paul The Apostle - (W.H.Boulton)-224 pgs.

12.00 (S) Paul's Epic Journey To Rome-(T.Barling)-137 pgs. {Deals with events of Acts 25-28}

$5.00 (S) Pen Of A Ready Writer-(T.Benson)-272 pgs. {Collection of writings by the author}

$7.75 (S) Peter, 1 - (J.Luke)-87 pgs. (Verse by verse study)

$7.75 (S) Peter, 2 - (C.Parry)-136 pgs. (Verse by verse study)

$4.00 (S) Logos Peter, 3 The Third Epistle of-6 pgs (A lookng glass for the clergy)

$10.00 (H) Phanerosis - (J Thomas)-144 pgs. (Study of the names & titles of the deity)

$2.50 (S) Philemon -(R.Abel)- 16 pgs. {Verse by verse}

$3.50 (S) Philemon - (P.Tretola)-32 pgs. (Verse by verse study)

$12.00 (S) Phillipians, Study Guide - (M.Owen)-50 pgs.

$4.50 (S) Philippians - (J Luke) - 69 pgs. (Verse by verse study)

$13.75 (S) Philippians, Letter To - (T.Barling)-160 pgs.

$7.00 (S) Pictures of Redemption-(G.Booker)-193 pgs. {An approach to the Atonement}

$14.50 (S) Pilgrimage of Jesus The, Vol 2.-(J Mitchell)-318 pgs. {From Bethany to Calvary}

$6.00 (S) Pondering the Proverbs -(R.Roberts)-52 pgs. {Meditations on the Proverbs}

$9.00  S) Portrait Of The Saint - (J Marshall)-112 pgs. (Study of Ephesians - deals with spiritual life of the believer)

$13.00 (H) Praises of Israel - Vol 1-(D. Fifield)-552 pgs. {Studies on Psalms 1-72}

$13.00 (H) Praises of Israel - Vol 2-(D. Fifield)-348 pgs. {Studies on Psalms 73-106}

$13.00 (H) Praises of Israel - Vol 3-(D. Fifield) 315 pgs. {Studies on Psalms 107-150}

$12.00    (H)     CMPA    Prayer Diary, Continue in Prayer - 160 pgs. {Diary for your daily Prayers}

$5.00 (S) Prayers For Young Children-(Carter/Parkin/Cave)-32 pgs.

$1.25 (S) Preaching the Truth - (CMPA)-48 pgs. (Teaching The Truth - In A Family Story Form)

$8.00 (S) Preaching The Word - (A.Norris)-160 pgs. (Treatise to help forward the work of preaching the Truth)

$3.50 (S) Preparing A Godly Seed-(Test, Mag. Special)-100 pgs. {Teaching Children The Truth }

$11.00 (S) Preparing for Baptism-(CSSS)-72 pgs. {Covers all essential teachings to prepare one for a Scriptural baptism}

$6.75 (S) Preparing for Bapt.- Workbook & Study Guide (C.Yutzy)-47 pgs. {To assist and expand the lessons in Preparing for Bapism. by CSSS}

$10.00 (H) Preparing for Marriage - (HP Mansfield)-115 pgs.

$12.00 (S) Principles & Proverbs-(I.Collyer)-205 pgs. {Eternal principles provide daily guidance}

$4.50 (S) Principles Of Ecclesial Life - (D.Styles)-55 pgs. (Purpose & function of the Ecclesia in the life of the believer)

$4.75 (S) Problem Passages from Apostle Paul- (M.Edwards)-28 pgs. {25 difficult passages from Paul's Epistles}

$4.00 (S) Prophecy of Balaam-(HP.Mansfield)-44 pgs.{Balaam's evil curse through the ages}

$13.00 (S) Prophets After The Exile-(J.Carter)-296 pgs. {Studies on Hag., Zech., & Malachi} 

$20.50 (H) Protesters, The -(A Eyre)-229 pgs. (Evidence of the Truth being alive among the apostacy in 14-1500's)

$16.00 (H) Proverbs Vol. 1- Chapters 1-9, -(A Crawford)-174 pgs. (In depth analysis)

$22.00 (H) Prov. Vol. 2 - Chs 10-22:16, -(A Crawford)-300 pgs. {Deep analysis}

$15.50 (H) Proverbs Vol. 3 - Chapters 22:17 - 31:31,-(A Crawford)-327 pgs. (In depth analysis)

$22.00 (H) Psalms 1-41 (Book 1) -520 pgs. (Various authors analyze these Psalms in depth)

$22.00 (H) Psalms 42-72 (Book 2) -432 pgs. (Various authors analyze these Psalms in depth)

$24.50 (H) Psalms 73-106 (Book 3), -488 pgs. {Analysis by several authors}

$27.00 (H) Psalms 107-150 (Book 4), -536 pgs. {Analysis by several authors}

$3.50 (S) Psalms 1,15,23,72 - (Compilation)-50 pgs. (Verse by verse study notes)

$13.00 (H) Psalms, Studies In The, Vol. 1 -(C.Tennant)- 275 pgs. (Incl. Psa. 1-9,11-16,22-24,32,40,49,61,66,73,81,84-85,93, 06,110,113-118,121,133 )

$6.75 (S) Pumpkin Contest -(F Abel)-38 pgs. (Illustrated Childrens book-depicts a moral incident in life of a child)

$7.50 (S) Purifying The Heavevnly (R.Growcott)-131 pgs, (Articles on the sacrifice of Christ)

$13.75 (S)  Hellawell J    Puzzling Passages (J.Hellawell)-198 pgs, (35 passages often difficult)           

$4.50 (S) Quenching the Fiery Darts - (R Abel)-82 pgs. (Study of the ecclesia at Ephesus, taken from the Acts, Ephes. & Revel.)


$3.00 (S) Andrew JJ Real Christ, The,-239 pgs. {Christ’s character, teachings, sufferings}

$10.00 (H) Rediscovery of the Truth, (J.Thomas) - 48 pgs. (Brief description of J.T.'s search for and discovery of the Truth)

$3.50 (S) Relationship of Christ to His Death on the Cross - (John Hensley)-32 pgs. (Examination of parts of the Roberts/Andrew debate & conclusions)

$6.50 (S) Remember The Days of Old - (A.Nichols)-144 pgs. (Editorials by A.N. examining distinctive historical teqchings of CHDNS being questioned)

$2.25 (S) Reply-(J.Allfree)-44 pgs. {Reply to bro. Davison's evangelical "Holy Spirit & Believer Today"}

$14.50 (S) Prins R Resisting The Devil-385 pgs.{How to overcome the temptations of the flesh}

$4.50    (S)     Kidd R    Responsibility. Resurrection & Judgment-44 pgs. {Historical position}                

$1.50 (S) Resurrectional Responsibility In Romans 2 -(H D Bartholomew) -25 pgs. (Study of Rom. 2:1-16 with emphasis on title)

$0.50 (S) Jannaway A.T. Resurrectional Responsibility, Ground Of-14 pgs. {From a talk to brethren)

$11.00 (S)  Irving S - Return & Rebuild-178 pgs. (Study of Ezra & Nehemiah)

$37.00 (S) Revealing Revelation - (D.Miles)-175 pgs. {Visual colored commentary of Rev. }

$20.00 (H) Revelation (Expositor series) -(HP Mansfield)-264 pgs. (Detailed verse by verse- also known as "Apocalypse Epitomized")

$0.75    (S)     Billington P    Revelation An Appeal For Right Understanding -24 pgs. {As Per J Thomas}

$17.50    (S)     Southgate/Wharton    Revelation Explained -234 pgs. {Based on Eureka.}

$5.00 (S) Revelation of Jesus Christ - (R.Walker)-242 pgs. {A visual approach to the historical interp. of Rev.}

$13.00 (S) Revelation Study Guide - (M.Ashton)-87 pgs. {Overview of Revelation.}

$10.50 (H) Revelation Which Interpretation? -(G. Pearce)-142 pgs. (Comparative study of Historical, Preterist & Futurist view of Revelation)

$3.75 (S) Revelation-History from AD 96 til Christ's Return-(C.Yutzy)-18 pgs. {Summary of 7 Seals-Trumpets & Vials}

$9.75 (S) Revelation, Interpreting The Book Of -(A.Nichols)-94 pgs. (Deals with Chdn approach to interp. Revel.- examines closely 6 seals & ch 12)

$18.50 (S) Ritual of the Temple in the TIme of Chirst, The-(L.Rittmeyer)-80 pgs. Illustrated.

$9.75 (H) Robert Roberts-(I.Collyer)-173 pgs. (Study of the life of R.Roberts.}

$10.50 (S) Robert Roberts, Life of -(Compil.)-90 pgs. {Summary of R.R. life-illustrated.}

$12.00 (H) Romance of The Hebrew Alphabet -(G.Mansfield)-79 pgs. (Helps understand the Heb. language in Bible Study)

$14.50 (H) Romans -(J.Carter)-184 pgs.

$20.00 (H) Romans (Expositor Series) -(HP Mansfield)-512 pgs. (Detailed verse by verse)

$13.25 (S) Romans In The Light Of John's Gospel -(G. & R. Walker)-210 pgs.

$12.00 (S) Pearce G Rome & Jerusalem -144 pgs. {The latter day rise of Babylon & Jerusaelm}

$4.50 (S) Rome, Jerusalem & The Bible-(P.Billington)-56 pgs. {The forces struggling for dominance in the Middle East.}

$15.00    (S)     Mansfield HP    Ruth (Expositor Series)-92 pgs. (Ver. by ver.}


$4.50 (S) Samson - Better Is He Who Rules His Spirit.-(R.Abel)-64 pgs.

$13.00 (S) Storey M Samson Revisited-148 pgs. {Saviour of Israel -Type of Christ}

$13.00 (S) Samuel the Seer-(M.Ashton)-276 pgs. (The life and times of Samuel)

$6.00 (S) Search Me O God - (GV Growcott)-105pgs (Collection of Author's short, soul searching exhortations)

$18.00 (H) Seasons of Comfort Vol.1 -(R.Roberts)-590 pgs. (Selection of exhortations from R.Roberts. Includes "Further Seasons of Comfort")

$18.00 (H) Seasons of Comfort Vol. 2 -(R.Roberts)-592 pgs. (Exhortations from R.Roberts. "Further Seasons of Comfort" included in Vol 1)

$5.00 (S) Seeds Of Apostate Christendom-(G.Phillips)-135 pgs. {New edition combines 3 sections - A Historical narrative of Early "Christendom" from Christ to17th century }

$4.50    (S)     Roberts/Yutzy    Seasons of Comfort/Quotes From-102 pgs. {Living the Truth excerpts}

$5.00    (S)     Phillips G    Seeds Of Apostate Christendom-135 pgs. {From Christ to 17th century }

$15.50 (S) Pearce A Selah-237 pgs. {Selections of articles for sisters.}

$7.00 (S) Sermon on the Mount -(J Luke)-48 pgs. (Verse by verse study of Mat. 5-7)

$4.00 (S) Servants of the Lord-(H.Tennant)-44 pgs. {Responsibilities of serving bre and sis }

$2.50    (S)     Bartholomew HD    Seven Night Visions-84 pgs. { In depth study of topic }

$12.00    (S) Lawson, R -   Showing Forth the Virtues of God-244 pgs. {God Manifestation}

$13.00 (S) Signs of His Coming-(Levett/Henstock)-167 pgs. {Easy to read book on prophecy}

$12.75 (S) Lewis M  Signs Of The Times Study Guide-162 pgs. {Fulfilled Bible Prophecies}

$8.00 (S) Sin & Sacrifice, Bible Teaching Concerning - (W.Smallwood)-96 pgs (Special Emphasis On Subject in Combating Stricklerism)

$4.50 (S) Sister Jane Roberts to Young Sisters-(J.Roberts)-41 pgs.

$5.50 (S) Sister's Role,The-(J.Burke)-67 pgs.{Supports the traditional Christadelphian role of sisters in the ecclesia as it critiques "All One In Christ Jesus".}

$1.50 (S) Six Arguments Fatal to the Theory of Evolution -(D-Dewar)- 8pgs (Record of a debate between Mr. Dewar and a Mr. McCabe) (Non Christadelphian publication)

$13.00 (S) Sixty Six Books Of The BIble -(N.Owen)- 96pgs (Gives overview of each of the 66 books with illustrations, maps, charts.)

$13.75 (S) Solemn Moments of Remembrance -(D,Gillett)-231 pgs. (More exortations by author

$16.00 (S) Solomon - Wise and Foolish-(T.Morgan)-276 pgs. (Detailed study of life of Solomon)

$11.75 (S) Song of Sol. - (R.Ask) -104 pgs. {12 Songs & as Pure Allegory}

$14.00 (H) Mansfield HP - Song of Sol. (Expositor) - 144 pgs. {Verse by Verse study}

$13.00 (S) Song Of Solomon Study Guide -(S.Owen)-68 pgs. (Verse by verse study notes))

$7.75 (S) Songs Of Degrees -150 pgs.(Youth Conf) (Detailed notes On Psa. 120 -134)

$3.50 (H) Songs Of Zion -(H D Bartholomew)-89 pgs. (Study of the music, history, place in God's plan for Jerusalem. Incl. verse by verse study of Psa. 24)

$13.00 (S) Sons Of Korah, Their Faith & Their Psalms-132 pgs.(J.Cope) {Study of Title}

$.25 (S) Soul, Bible Meaning of - (Berean Mag.)-25 pgs.

$9.00 (S) Sound Mind, A - (LG Sargent)-204 pgs. (Collection of 15 articles by author designed to strengthen the spiritual mind of the believer)

$14.00 (H)  Speaking To The Heart-(D.Gillett)-184 pgs. {Collection of author’s writings and talks.}

$13.00 (S) Speeches In The Acts (J.Carter)-112 pgs. {A Study of Apostle’s speeches given in Acts}

$8.25 (S) Spirit - In The New Testament -(E.Whittaker/R.Carr)-185 pgs. (Shows the continued clear teachings of the spirit historically accepted by CHDNS)

$12.00 (H) Spirit, The - (A.Crawford)-314 pgs. (Detailed study of the use of the word "Spirit" in Bible)

$12.00 (S) Steps to a True Marriage - (H.Tennant)-86 pgs. (Scriptural basis of Marriage today)

$5.00 (S) Green S   Stories for Young People Vol 1 -50 pgs. {Creation to Noah}

$5.00(S) Green S   Stories for Young People Vol 2 -50 pgs. {Babel to Isaac}

$5.00 (S) Green S  Stories for Young People Vol 3 -50 pgs. {Isaac to Jacob/Esau}

$5.00 (S) Green S  Stories for Young People Vol 4 -50 pgs. {Jacob to Joseph}

$5.00 (S) Green S   Stories for Young People Vol 5 -50 pgs. {Joseph Alone in Egypt}

$12.50 (S) Stormy Wind Fufilling His Word-(T.Benson)-152 pgs. (God at work in the weather.)

NOTE: As supplies are depleted, Story of the Bible is being replaced by Paperback editions.

$16.00 (H) Story of the Bible, Vol 1. - (HP Mansfield)-354 pgs. (Story from Gen 1 through Lev. 10)

$16.00 (H) Story of the Bible, Vol 2 - (HP Mansfield)-400 pgs. (Story from Lev. 10 through death of Saul)

$16.00 (H) Story of the Bible, Vol 3 - (HP Mansfield)-416 pgs. (Story from David through Jehoahaz)

$16.00 (S) Story of the Bible, Vol 4 - (HP Mansfield)-400 pgs. (Story from Joash through death of Haman)

$16.00 (H) Story of the Bible, Vol 5 - (HP Mansfield)-431 pgs. (Story from Nehemiah through the parables of Christ)

$16.00 (H) Story of the Bible, Vol 6.-(HP Mansfield)-415 pgs. (Christ's life - up to final days}

$$16.00 (H) Story of the Bible, Vol 7.-(HP Mansfield)-496 pgs. (Final days of Christ's Life}

$1$16.00 (H) Story of the Bible, Vol 8.-(HP Mansfield)-528 pgs. (Acts & summary of epistles & Apostles lives}

$13.00 (S) Studies In The Statement of Faith - (CMPA)-149 pgs.

$5.50 (S) Pillion K  Sweet Meditations - Mat. 5 -32 pgs. {Illustrated verses for thought}

$5.50 (S) Pillion K  Sweet Meditations - Isa. 11 -26 pgs. {Illustrated verses for thought}

$5.50 (S) Pillion K  Sweet Meditations - Isa. 35 -24 pgs. {Illustrated verses for thought}

$5.50 (S) Pillion K  Sweet Meditations - Isa. 40 -46 pgs. {Illustrated verses for thought}

$5.00 (S) Pillion K  Sweet Meditations - Psa. 104 -48 pgs. {Illustrated verses for thought}

$21.00 (S) Symphony of Life-(Fay Pitt)-246 pgs.{Poems of comfort & meditation by author}


$15.00 (H) Tabernacle In The Wilderness - (K Cook) -111 pgs. (Study of the tabernacle & its lesson of God manifestation)

$13.00 (S) Tabernacle Study Guide - (M Ashton)-71 pgs. (Study notes, some illustrations)

$3.25 (S) Tabernacle, The, "Let Them Make Me A Sanctuary" - (CSSS)-48 pgs.

$3.50 (S) Taking Control -(R.Hyndman)-35 pgs. -(A guide for youth. Covers many, many topics)

$15.00 (H) Tapestry of Life - (Fay Pitt)-112 pgs. -(Collection of Spritual poems fitting for many occasions)

$16.00 (S) Teenagers of the Bible - (S.Kingsbury)-448 pgs. {Lessons from Biblical youngsters}

$16.00 (S) Tempte of Ezekiel’s Prophecy-(Sulley)-170 pgs. {As laid out by our bro. in 1887} (Reprinted}

$14.00 (S) Temptations of Jesus-(V.Aucott)-230 pgs. {Exploration of the 3 temptations}

$5.75 (S) Ten Commandments In The 20th Century - (A.Norris)-101 pgs. (Relevance of the 10 commandments today)

$14.50 (S) Test Case For Canada-(E.Evans)-114 pgs. {True Incident - a bro. stands up for C.O. position against cruel governmental treatment. DVD reinactment of incident included.}

$11.00 (S) Testimony Handbook of Bible Principles, The-(R.Carr)-197 pgs.-(Summaries of Bible Teaching)

$13.50 (S) Perry P Theistic Evolution Refuted-76 pgs. {A close look at this Godless theory}

$6.00 (S) Things of the Kingdom-(HP Mansfield)-84 pgs. {Exhaustive look at the Kingdom in Bible}

$4.75 (S) Things of the Spirit-(M.Edwards)-32 pgs. {Comprehensive study of "spirit" in Bible}

$8.00 (S) Think on These Things (Poems)-(B.Flint)-155 pgs.{Poems by elderly sister from Australia}

$10.50 (S) Think On These Things-(C.Attridge)-218 pgs. {Sucessfully living the life of Christ}

$15.00  (H) Thirteen Lectures - (R.Roberts)-190 pgs. (Talks given by author on Revelation)

$12.50 (S) 30 Day Fruit Challenge-(Perth sisters)-75 pgs. {30 Daily Fruit of the Spirit messages}

$13.00 (S) This Is The Bible-(D.Pearce)-152 pgs. {Summary of each book of the Bible}

$10.00 (H) Three Great Debates of R. Roberts - 484 pgs. (1.Was Jesus the Messiah? 2. Is the Bible Divine?, 3. Are Englishmen Israelites?)

$4.50 (S) Times, A Chronology of the Bible (R.Hyndman)-50 pgs. (Adam thru the Apostles)

$13.00 (H) Timothy & Titus, Letters To - (A.Nichols)- 438 pgs (Verse by verse Study)

$8.75 (S) Timothy, I, "Godliness With Contentment" -(Haltom/Booker)-152 pgs. (Verse by verse study of 1 Tim)

$5.50 (S) Titus -(W Rosser)-95 pgs. (Verse by verse study)

$17.00 (S) To Speak Well Of God-(J.Pople)-338 pgs {Exposition of Job}

$8.00 (S) Tommy the Tree-(Abel/Sales)-32 pgs. (Children-Wonder of God's creation}

$9.00 (H) Buke S.J.  Torch Bearer, The-158 pgs.{Novel about Paul} 

$4.00 (S) Transformed by Renewing of Your Mind-(Test Special 2016))- 88 pgs.

$17.75 (S) Walker R - Treasure-New & Old-277 pgs.{Selections from the writings of the author)

$15.00    (S) R.Roberts    Trial, The-264 pgs.{R.R.’s mock trial of  “Did Jesus raise from the dead?"} (Reprint of Classic)

$8.00 (S) Trinity, The Doctrine Of -(P E White)- 226 pgs. (Teaching of, analytically examined and refuted)

$14.50 (S) Trinity, True or False?-(Broughton/Southgate)- 407 pgs. {Exhaustive study Biblically and Historically}

$5.00 (S) True Gospel - (G.Pearce)-72 pgs. (Explains Christadelphian teaching of "The Hope Of Israel" & warns of current trend to de-emphasize "The Things Concerning the Kingdom of God.)

$10.00 (S) Truth Affirmed - (Carroll/Genusa)-96 pgs. (Analytical look at the Unamended position in relation to the teaching of the pioneers)


$6.50 (S) Understand The Bible-(T.Morgan)-472 pgs. {Finding the Key to understaning the Bible)

$7.50 (S) Understanding The Atonement-(M.Trowell)-218 pgs. {Treatise on the title)

$4.50 (S) United Europe - The Religious Connection - (P.Billington)- 89 pgs (Current Events Showing Prophecy of Title)

$9.50 (S) Unlocking The Mystery-(Jason Hensley)-177 pgs. {Introduction to God Manifestation}


$10.00 (S) Collyer I Vegetable In The Witness Box, The-80 pgs.{Proof of creation in agriculture}

$1.25 (S) Virtuous Woman, The - (J.Roberts)-54 pgs.(Sisters' responsibilities & role in the ecclesia & family)

$15.25 (H) Visible Hand Of God - (R.Roberts)-304 pgs. (Dissertation on Miracles)

$4.50 (S) Vital Hour, The - (J.Standeven)-136 pgs. (Aids in Sunday School teaching. Ideas & suggestions along with lessons on perspective & goals)

$4.00 (S) Voice of God (Vox Dei)-(I.Collyer)-108 pgs.{Defence of - Bible is the True Word of God} (Reprinted)"Seedbed of he Bible"}


$6.50 (S) Waiting For His Son, 1 & 2 Thess. - (G.Booker)-196 pgs.

$9.00 (S) Walk Worthy of God-(D.Emerson)-125 pgs {Verse by verse of 1&2 Thess}

$4.50 (S) Warnings From The Dust - (P.Billington)-72 pgs (Archeological Discoveries That Show God's Hand At Work)

$5.50 (S) Way Of A Man With A Maid - (R Abel)-51 pgs. (Scriptural perspective of Courting and Marriage)

$16.00    (S) Henstock G  - Way Of The Tree Of Life, The-320 pgs. {Restoring access to the Tree of Life}

$10.50 (S) Booker G - Wayfarer’s Guide, A-301 pgs. {3rd collection of studies by author}

$16.75 (H) Ways of Providence - (R.Roberts)-240 pgs. (God's hand in our lives).

$24.00 (H) Hellawell J We Beheld His Glory-470 pgs. {Gospel of John - detailed commentary}

$18.00 (H) Weapons of Our Warfare-(Thomas, Roberts, etc.)-318 pgs. {Writings of many pioneer brethren about our warfare against the flesh}

$3.75 (S) What Isaac Newton Believed About God -(M.Edwards)-8 pgs

$8.00 (S) What The Bible Teaches-(H.Tennant)-294 pgs. (The First Principles in narrative form)

$3.00 (S) "What's So Amazing About Grace?" A Review -(A.Dangerfield/J.Burke)-64 pgs. (Critique on teaching that "Grace Alone" saves)

$11.50 (S) When Jesus Became God - (R.Rubenstein)-267 pgs. (History of the Church Debate over Jesus being God - non Christadelphian writer)

$3.00 (S) Which Translation - (Compilation)-124 pgs. (A look at the Authorized Version and other modern translations of the Bible)

$10.00 (S) Who Am I?-(M.Trowell)-400 pgs. {Who am I and what is my purpose on this earth?

$14.50 (S) Who Are You Looking For?-(A.Tikvah)-392 pgs. {Novel exposing the REAL Antichrist}

$10.75 (S) Who Moved the Stone-(F,Morrison)-193 pgs. {Set out to prove the Resurrection was a myth and became convinced otherwise} (N)

$7.00 (S) Whole Armor of God-(R.Mutter) `-105 pgs. {Fiction of boy facing challenges of youth}

$6.75 (H) Wicked One Revealed - (F Walker)-120 pgs. (Divine portrait of the Papal system)

$3.50 (S) Wilderness of Life - (J Martin)-55 pgs. (Study of Israel's wandering in the wilderness)

$14.00 (S) With Jesus-(Ian Hyndman)-133 pgs. {Spiritual insights into Jesus' life.}

$9.00 (S) Hemingray P Within the Camps-243 pgs. {Bre. in camps due to being Consc.Object.’s }

$1.00 (S) Witness for Christ - (CC Walker)-256 pgs. (Author's works on Immanuel, Testimony of Jesus, Exhortations and Expounding Scriptures)

$13.75 (S) Women of the Bible - (Compilatioin)-241 pgs. (Portrait of many of the key women of the Bible and lessons derived from them)

$17.50 (S) D.Burges - Wonder of Creation-202 pgs. {Science that proves the Bible & exposing evolution}

$15.75 (S) Wonder of Forgiveness,The-{D.Bailey)-283 pgs. {How forgiveness brings change to our lives}

$6.75 (S) Wonder of Isaiah, The-{Test/Mag. Spec. Issue) {Thematic study of Isaiah}

$18.00 (H) Word To Consider, A - (S.Mansfield)-127 pgs. {1 page meditations on Godly Character and Ecclesial Responsibilities}

$11.25 (S) Words & Weights - (D.Gillett)-85 pgs. (2 sections: "Little words, Big meanings" and "Lay aside every weight". Words to strengthen our walk.)

$2.50 (S) Work of God on Men's Heart, The - (S.Green)-29 pgs. {How God works in the hearts of believers}

$3.50 (S) World Destroyed by Fire, A-(J.Allfree)-34 pgs. {Answers question "What world's destroyed by fire-2 Pet 3?"}

$6.75 (S) World Events & The Coming of Zion's King-(G.Pearce)-99 pgs. {A review of prophecy in harmony with The Hope Of Israel as taught by Christadelphians for over 150 years}

$1.25 (S) Worship In Relation to the Alien - (Janaway/Thomas/Roberts)-20 pgs. {Non-believer's position before God}

$10.25 (S) Worship In The Age To Come - (M.Allfree)-78 pgs. (A look at the Kingdom of Israel Restored)

$8.00 (S) Would You Like To Be In God’s Kingdom?-(Abel/Sales)-20 pgs. {Young Children’s book}

$19.25 (S) Wrested Scriptures -(R.Abel)-399 pgs - (Explanation of difficult passages)

$10.00 (S) Wrestling Jacob - (H.Whittaker)-119 pgs. (Life of Jacob and lessons from)

none available

$18.00 (H) Yahweh Elohim - (E.Lasius )-141 pgs. (By J.Thomas' daughter, deals with the use and inclusion of the divine name in scripture)

$13.00 (S) KnIght S J Yours Faithfully - 178 pgs. {Biblical based female friendship}


$9.00 (S) Zephaniah-(D.Baird)-143 pgs. {Exhortational Commentary}

$6.00 (S) Zion My Chiefest Joy - (Compilation) - 134 pgs. (Detailed study of the city of Jerusalem. Includes drawings, photos, charts, etc.)

$1.50 (S) Zionism - (R.Walker)-29 pgs. {The return of the Jews to Israel - the Hellawell J    Puzzling Passages (J.Hellawell)-198 pgs, (work of God}